Theresa Carroll was born and earned her BFA in Vancouver, Canada, with a focus on printmaking, drawing, and painting. She spent nearly 15 years working in museum and art education, and is a certified art teacher. Theresa is based in San Mateo, CA, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Most of her current experiments land somewhere between drawing and painting, and are made by building up layers of oil pastel and graphite on a semi transparent vellum.

Rooted in curiosity about the physical imprints of time, people, and events on built urban structures, Theresa’s images explore how each of us interprets city scenes as we walk by. Can we create space in our busy days to indulge in a little daydreaming? These pieces offer encouragement to slow down, imagine, and come up with your own story for the place.


Theresa Carroll


Studio: San Mateo, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

If you are interested in seeing or purchasing work, or commissioning a piece please feel free to email me. A limited number of pieces are also available to purchase through VANGO online.